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The original Indian Motorcycle Club was formed in 1920 with the backing of Percy Armstrong from Armstrong Cycle and Motor Agency, the Indian dealer for Western Australia.

The motor registration for the "teens" show the Indian was by far the most popular motorcycle on the market. While we don't have any records for the "twenties" it must be said by the amount of Scouts and Chiefs surviving today that they kept the rate of registration high, a true testament to the suitability of Indian Motorcycles for the harsh reality of the Western Australian outback.

The original club ran many events such as dirt track racing, hill climbs and time trials but with the emphasis heavily on club rides and events to help foster camaraderie. It was forced to close in the mid "sixties" due to a lack of members, brought on by the increasing popularity of cars. This fate befell most of the motorcycle clubs in Western Australia and there were many of them.


logo%20cleaned%20upOur new club, started again by Indian enthusiasts in 2011 is proudly following in the footsteps of our fore-fathers and continues today with the restoration, preservation and use of our beloved red steeds of steel from Springfield Massachusetts U.S.A but also embraces the modern Indians for they have now morphed into a bike worthy of carrying on the name.

The club runs monthly meetings, monthly rides, and produces an informative Indian magazine full of stories and photos from Indian's own magazine.

You don't have to own an Indian motorcycle, all you need is an interest in Indian motorcycles to become a member.

Thank you for taking the time to read our history and we hope to see you on a ride or perhaps even join the fun by becoming a member of our motorcycle club.

The True Believers
The True Believers